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Why should you Consider Kharkiv National Medical University as an Option to Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Situated in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the second largest European country known for the occurrence of remarkable events in its history. The European country shares its border with multiple neighboring nations – connecting with the Soviet Union in the north-east and east part; sharing western borders with Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland; connecting on the south and south-east part with the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov respectively. Surrounded by these beautiful places, Ukraine attracts a huge foreign crowd every year. In fact, it falls in the list of top ten most likable tourism spots. Not just for tourism, Ukraine also attracts students in large numbers from across the globe to pursue their education there. Owing to its internationally accredited universities and decent education opportunities, the medical aspirants from across the globe jump on this chance of pursuing high-quality and low cost MBBS study in Ukraine.

Ukraine boasts of its prestigious and internationally recognized medical institutions. With the top-notch medical institutions present in Ukraine, the MBBS aspirants have a suite of advantages if they choose to study MBBS in Ukraine. Among all the top-class universities, Kharkiv National Medical University Ukraine is one of the prominent educational institutions registered under UNESCO. Let’s get down to some key advantages of pursuing your MBBS in the KNMU medical school to help you decide with clarity about heading on in the institution for your MBBS studies.

Kharkiv National Medical University

Founded in 1805, Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the oldest and experienced higher educational establishments. Being recognized by the leading medical bodies, Kharkiv National Medical University is ranked 5th among all the higher educational establishments in Ukraine. With around 700 expert faculties working in different departments, the university has a proven record of having trained thousands of specialists and doctors that had come from different countries of the world.  Apart from higher education standards, the KNMU has certain other advantages as highlighted below.

International accreditation

Kharkiv National Medical University Ukraine is an internationally accredited medical school recognized by leading medical bodies like UNESCO, WHO, MCI, GMC, FEPS, and many more international medical bodies.

Extraordinary curriculum

Apart from excellent academics, the university encourages students to participate in local and international scientific events. Having large number of international affiliations, the KNMU opens doors for a number of lucrative opportunities. The university also has a youth center, sports club, intellectual club, and other extra-curricular activities to help students with their overall development.

Modern Campus and Hostel facility

With 65 departments, the university has a modern complex of buildings and 5 in-campus hostels. The international students get on-campus accommodation in the hostel at an affordable cost.

State-of-art infrastructure

The KMNU follows advanced teaching techniques and is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure. The university boasts of its high-end research facilities and has four problem laboratories, one central research laboratory, and classroom-based scientific centers. It has a huge scientific library comprising around 1 million books and latest electronic catalogue.

Affordable Fees Structure

The KNMU features affordable MBBS education with 4800 USD per year for all the six years of your graduation and the accommodation fees would range from 600-1000 USD every year.